The FINLSCAN site Open.

FINLSCAN is a site where you can easily search for all activities and information taking place on the Ethereum blockchain. In FINLSCAN, you can easily search for all activities and information occurring in the block chain, such as FINLCHAIN’s block creation history, transaction inquiry, wallet information inquiry, and FINL-based token search.

TIn FINLSCAN, you can search for information such as wallet address, transaction ID (Txhash), block, and token, and you can check the block history generated in real time and the transaction history that occurs in real time.
FINLSCAN shows information such as name and price information, fluctuation rate, trading volume, and market capitalization of each token in order of increasing market cap.
FINLSCAN can check FINL’s wallet information.
If you search for the wallet address in FINLSCAN, you can find out the information and transfer history of the tokens the wallet holds. You can also find out information about the tokens you hold in your wallet.
Value of 0 is displayed as 0 because it is a description of the smart contract.
You can view the transfer history through the Token Transfers tab.
Through the Token Holders tab, you can view the information of the people holding the token.
You can check token information through the Token Info tab. (Token overview, ICO profit/loss ratio, market information, ICO information)
Transaction Confirmation
When you send a coin from an exchange, a transaction ID called TXhash appears. If you click this, you will be taken to FINLSCAN, where you can see the details of the transmission.
Copy and paste TXhash into Etherscan and click Search.
You can get detailed information about the transaction, such as the transfer status, block, transfer time, sender wallet address, receive wallet address, and the number and value of transfer tokens.
Status indicates the status of transmission, and Pending means that confirmation is in progress. When the verification process is complete, Success is displayed.
However, even if the transaction succeeds, in the case of a centralized exchange, it may not come in immediately because it has to go through a separate verification process.

FINLSCAN can check everything done in FINL.

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